Piotr Stapp


Piotr Stapp calls himself a developer, an engineer, a craftsman, a designer, and a biker. He is a user of every useful technology. He believes in people not papers. He is adept at DevOps and automation. He loves web technologies. Formerly IT Expert at mBank, now IT Architect in FinAi. He is also Microsoft MVP.

His blog: https://stapp.space.



Junior. Senior. Stop. Repeat. (2018)

How to become a good dev? Then how to become better? How to earn more? How to become rich and famous? Every developer from time to time ask such questions.

I don't know. But I was involved in a few famous projects in Poland like e-Deklaracje or new mBank project. I'm also a Microsoft MVP. Some people recognize me. Some follow me. If you want to sit and listen to my story, it will be a pleasure for me. I hope you will learn a few things and don't repeat my mistakes.