Piotr Wasilewski


Software engineer, whose professional goal is to always get the job done while writing as little code as possible. His daily duties oscillate around designing software, programming and helping companies to hire great developers. His language of choice is Python, and he loves to teach others how to use it for fun and profit. Privately he is an enthusiast of French electronic music and Japanese technology.



Programming utilities for Unix-like systems in Python (2017)

Python is a modern, general-purpose programming language. Despite that, it is still often recognized as a scripting language. But how does it actually perform as such?

When and why should you use Python instead of Bash?

How to properly handle program's input and output?

How to access filesystem and other resources? How to distribute your command-line tools among users?

I am going to answer these questions, teach you how to write reliable utilities that follow the Unix philosophy, and share my experience in developing Python software.