Przemysław Szufarski


Przemysław Szufarski spent almost 10 years with Nokia as an engineer and product manager. He has used his expertise in building a perfomrance models of mobile network components and migration of mobile networks infrastricutre from dedicated HW into more flexible IT enviroment and recently is preparing Convergent Mediation Device product for Telco Cloud. He is passionate of programmable world idea and its application into real life. He is a graduate of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics faculty of Gdansk University of Technology.



What Is Telco Cloud? (2015)

This talk is an introduction of Telco Cloud concept and capabilties. Itt shows applications of Telco Cloud in “Core In a Box” and “Public Safety” solutions. It also summarizes ongoing standarizatoin activities, mainly Network Functions Virtualiation & Open Compute Project. Presentation describes Open Eco System idea and what it means for programmers. It also shows paving the way towards Telco Cloud: evolution from Bare Metal into Virtualized Network Function based on example of Nokia’s Flexi CMD.