Rafał Legiędź


Rafał works as a software engineer for Solidbrain. Being in the industry since 2007 he develops his passion for the software at every possible moment. He believes that being pragmatic in our field is very helpful and proves that by switching technologies he uses whenever there is a need or an opportunity to learn new concepts. Started with .NET back-end solutions, he quickly became a web guy and then he got his head around different kind of mobile technologies and VR/AR. Also a Microsoft MVP in Windows Development.

As his passion evolved, he got obsessed with knowledge sharing and community activities. That resulted in co-founding a conference and a series of other actions like giving talks or conducting workshops.



Augmented Reality - The State of Play (2018)

Augmented Reality is far more than a Pokémon Go thing now. The hype is real, and many big players (Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, you name it) are pushing AR to become ubiquitous. Hence the abundance of different approaches to AR, a significant need for content creators and creative ways of tackling problems using new techniques.

Is mobile AR superior to HMDs? What's AR Cloud and why it's important? What are real-world cases solved with AR? Is this all still sci-fi or should you start caring? This session presents the current state of AR, showcases its real capabilities, and demonstrates that we are on the verge of a revolution in how humans interact with digital content.


A thorough look into spatial mapping with HoloLens (2017)

The biggest difference between Mixed Reality and “classic” Virtual Reality is that the former combines several types of technologies to scan your physical environment. Developers are now able to create digital experiences blended with user’s real-time surroundings. Unity Engine and HoloToolkit come with spatial mapping features that have to be employed to achieve the effect.

How and when HoloLens gathers and persists spatial data?

What tools and techniques are available for processing it?

How to deal with spatial mapping effectively?

Those and some other related questions usually come first for everyone starting with holographic development. Get to know the answers, learn more about spatial mapping design for HoloLens and be better prepared for a new era of extending reality!