Rafał Łojek


Software developer and IT coach with over 7 years of professional experience. Practitioner and trainer of TDD form the early days of TDD existence. Having a trust that automated tests are the best guaranty for the system quality and a carrier of executable specification. In non mutual devotion to Clojure and functional programming, with head full of ideas and conviction that common sense is the best design pattern.



What You See Is What You Get. How Testing Tools And Level Can Change The Way You See The System (2015)

The way a thing seems to be depends on how one looks at it – that is a common known fact. But how this perception point shift can affect a software system? How it can change the form and the meaning of tests and testing process? Let's take a brief look on how test levels can be defined. How it changes the meaning of a test and workload required to create it. Let's talk what are possible approaches, tools, and sins of tests development.