Remigiusz Michułka


Remigiusz Michułka started his IT journey as DevOps/Network Engineer more than a decade ago, then moved to designing and implementing various systems and solutions. Today he helps in implementing the best practices he knows in products of Nokia, especially the 5G.

He likes to think about himself not as of developer, architect or DevOps, but as an engineer.

For him engineering is to look at the system from many angles, and often jump out of the defined box. He loves doing things in a creative way, and to apply common patterns in new ways or in new situations. He never gets tired of asking the simple questions "why?" and "how?" to discover more connections and logical paths.

For the past decade he has had a chance to look at various systems, some of them he has created, some extended or just witnessed, but every each of them he has analyzed.



Practical Aspects of Microservice Architecture (2019)

In the presentation I will focus on practical consequences affecting system and entity when applying certain solutions as a part of microservice architecture, each design brings benefits, limitations, and risks to the system.

I treat each solution as a contract with the system, and I will describe what kind of obligations, requirements, and consequences are to come with it.

Microservices are nothing new, the idea is a practical consequence of providing a service. Back in the days of early systems, the same need resulted with Unix Philosophy dogmas which sum up to Do one thing and do it well.

On the system aspect, I would like to focus on how microservice architecture impacts the product life-cycle. How ones need to think about developing, testing, deployment, security as part of feature introduction. How in a distributed environment the security and monitoring capabilities become matters of greater complicity.

On the entity aspect, I will discuss the core service features one needs to operate a future-proof service. How the applied pattern or technology can impact the service itself. How the chosen system patterns impact service contract or behavior. How to ensure data consistency and safe rollback of done actions. How each service can apply measures that contribute to overall system self-healing capability.