Sambath Logakrishnan


Sambath Logakrishnan is well-experienced web stack developer and positioned as front-end expert level of 10 years. Worked with successful Silicon Valley startup and different countries and lead various kind of web product development.

He is also a public speaker, technical presenter and micro blogger:



JavaScript can get faster, WebAssembly can get even faster (2018)

I want to introduce a new web standard called WebAssembly, this standard already adopted all major web browser including Edge. Mainly focus on why it is faster than JavaScript and what is necessity of this standard we must adopt for future. Brief touch shimming between WebAssembly and JavaScript and WebAssembly current features & roadmap.


Virtual assembly for web application (2018)

Talk about using assembly-like language as execution source instead of JavaScript which is textual and untyped medium. Focus on performance boost web application can get from pre-optimized execution code LLVM as back-end of compiler and using C or C++ or RUST as front-end of code compiler.

Briefly talk about code quality, since JavaScript as language itself alone can't provide this, where other strongly typed languages give that as default.

  • Accessing DOM from web assembly.
  • Shimming between JavaScript and WebAssembly.
  • Package deployment as npm package.
  • Multithreading worker on web assembly.
  • Future of WebAssembly.