Sambath Logakrishnan


Sambath Logakrishnan comes from web stack land with more than a decade of experience, mistakes and wisdom, curious about bleeding-edge technologies and raw poetry, marching with a mission to make Business User Experience to the point and no need of additional manual to operate it, love to talk about yoga, culinary, jazz, and non-traditional movies.




Why you should start to think about compiling your code into web assembly (2019)

Changes are faster, no more only x86 - (AMD 64 and Intel version), ARM, newer CPU architectures are on the way, we need a mode of run time which is portable, secure, smaller and faster.

To address this, a new standard is formed called Web Assembly, which isn't meant only to compliment browser alone, it can run in the wild at blazing speed and secure way too. We will explore what is in MVP, future road map, tips & tricks, and metrics and insights.