Sean Parent


Sean Parent is a principal scientist and software architect for Adobe Photoshop and mobile imaging applications. Sean has been at Adobe since 1993 when he joined as a senior engineer working on Photoshop and later managed Adobe's Software Technology Lab. In 2009 Sean spent a year at Google working on Chrome OS before returning to Adobe. From 1988 through 1993 Sean worked at Apple, where he was part of the system software team that developed the technologies allowing Apple's successful transition to PowerPC.



Better Code (2016)

The process of improving an existing body of code can be very challenging.In this talk, Sean will offer a concise definition of "good code", inherent tradeoffs in any system, and techniques for approaching a large code base.


Better Code: Concurrency (2016)

Despite all of the recent interest, concurrency in standard C++ is still barely in its infancy. This talk uses the primitives supplied by C++14 to build a simple, reference, implementation of a task system. The goal is to learn to write software that doesn’t wait.