Serhiy Kostyshyn


Serhiy specializes in data processing, microservices, and clean, robust architectures. As a Software Engineer and Project Manager, he has contributed to development efforts by various companies, from helping Silicon Valley startups launch their first innovative services to taking part in the evolution of market-leading products by global tech heavyweights. He's equally interested in technical complexities of large projects and organizational challenges facing teams that aspire to make a dent.



Effective Practices for Engineering Teams (2018)

Writing code is easy. Developing a high-quality product in a short time is much less so.

In successful companies, engineering teams often take the initiative to optimize their own work to design, develop and deliver ever more reliable and maintainable software.

What are some of the common practices they use? Why are they effective? Which of them could you apply to your team? Let’s talk about very specific approaches to knowledge sharing, technical design, system monitoring, incident response and other engineering practices that can help your team and company work smarter and faster.


The Lifecycle of an A/B Test (2018)

A/B testing is a popular and powerful experimental technique used by companies large and small. In this short talk, we’ll take look at a real-world A/B test, walk through its entire lifecycle, and put it into a broader perspective of product development.