Silke Holtmanns


I am a security expert and research new attack vectors and mitigation approaches.  My current research area combines data analytics, machine learning and privacy. The creation of new and the investigation of existing security attacks using SS7 and Diameter via the Interconnect lead to new countermeasures for 4G/5G networks. These countermeasures using techniques that combine monitoring, filtering, and advanced protection with machine learning. As an expert on existing and future attack patterns for interconnection security, I provide advice to our company, customers, standard boards, and regional and national regulating governmental bodies.

I serve as a regular organizer and editor for workshops and special issues.

I have over 15 years experience in mobile security research and standardization with strong focus on 3GPP security and ETSI Smart Card Platform (eUICC). I'm rapporteur of ten 3GPP specifications and editor of the GSMA Interconnection Diameter Signalling Protection document.



Interconnection security – SS7 and diameter (2017)

The interconnection network connects operator network with each other. This network is suffering an increasing amount of attacks from criminals, nation states and hackers. We will introduce the interconnection network, explore the attack vectors for SS7 and LTE-4G diameter and present the most recent attacks found by Nokia Bell Labs.