Sławomir Zborowski


Programming in C++ and Python3 for food and fun. Interested in ^comp.*$ – everything that has anything to do with computers – no matter if it's related to software, hardware, embedded or cloud. Blog: szborows.blogspot.com.



C++ Nasal Demons - What Undefined Behavior Is All About? (2016)

There's no doubt that C++ is exceptional language. C++ uniqueness, when compared to other languages, is visible in many dimensions. One of the commonly overlooked difference is presence of undefined behavior. What is it, though? Does it make sense? How is it related to performance? How one can find out whether her code is free of undefined behavior? The presentation, among other stuff, is going to address these questions.


How Evil Macros Can Be? (LT) (2016)

Krótka próba utworzenia najbardziej złośliwego kawałka kodu niszczącego ludziom dobry humor


IT Support A.k.a. Disservice (LT) (2016)

Krótka opowiadanka o tym jak to nasz IT support instalował nam wirtualne maszyny, których nie szło zupdate'owć.


JavaScript from C++ developer perspective (LT) (2016)

JavaScript from C++ developer perspective