Szymon Gutaj


Szymon Gutaj has worked with systems of all forms, ranging from pinhead-sized controllers, to large server farms. Currently he shares his expertise as a consultant. He sees programming as art of our age - where, with a bit of skill (and no less hard work), you can spark life in computers. At his spare time, he dives into music, cycling and discovering, what makes us human (well - it's sense of humour, of course!).



C++ Template Metaprogramming - Practical Approach (2016)

Discovery of C++ templates' Turing-completeness was almost accidental. This way template metaprogramming was born. It came a long way - from snippets created for amusement, to mainstream programming techniques, packaged in prominent libraries, like the Standard Library or Boost. It heavily influenced the evolution of the core C++ language itself. Despite that, template metaprogramming is still considered black magic - arguably due to being a language on its own. My aim is to demystify this opinion by showing building blocks of a metaprogram, their design patterns and usage. Taste of STL and Boost will be given. Expect a crash course in writing expressive programming interfaces and blazing fast, self-optimising code. Material is highly technical and applicable to daily programming practice.