Tomasz Kaczmarzyk


Passionate software developer. Working as CTO allowed him to experience many projects not only from the developer’s perspective. Deeply believe in Software Craftsmanship manifesto — that’s why he coorganize Boiling Frogs Software Craftsmanship Conference in Wroclaw. He has a blog about programming ( Use Test Driven Development on daily basis and talk about writing automated tests for hours. Repeatedly responsible for development & design of enterprise and web systems. At work he use Java, but programming language is just a tool for him. He does not think of myself as „Java developer”, but just „software developer”. Being open-minded and ready to use different tools is very important for an IT professional.



HTTP/2 — The Future Of WWW (2015)

Good developers know _how_ things work. Great developers know _why_ things work. HTTP is an established standard. HTTP/1.1 in its current form has been used for more than 15 years. It is time for a change. HTTP/2 is its successor that is supposed to face requirements of modern WWW. Why do we need a new version? What changes does it introduce? How does it affect optimization patterns for browser networking? I am tring to answer these questions during my talk.