Yossi Moalem


Yossi is a team leader in Cyberbit's EDR division. He has over 15 years of experience as a professional programmer, mainly in C/C++. Yossi considers the standard as light reading and spends all his spare time learning new technologies and methodologies (much to the delight of his wife!!). He likes teaching and sharing his knowledge, but what really does it for him is refactoring legacy code into beautifully crafted code. On the positive side, he loves Led Zeppelin.



Cache consistency and the C++ memory model: writing code to real hardware (2019)

Memory Model is probably the single most important change introduced in C++11.

In this talk, we will discuss what is a memory model, and more importantly, why we should care. Spoiler alert: The answer in one line: it will help us to write faster more correct code for multi threads and even single thread. Along the way, we will delve into exciting side topics such as Data-Oriented Design, Cache Oblivious Algorithms, False Sharing and more.