Zain Ul Abidin


Zain is a Product Manager working in Nokia. He has over 6 years of experience working in multitude of roles including Software Developer, Software Architect and Solution Architect. Currently he works as a Product Manager for Nokia’s network management system NetAct. He is responsible for making sure that customers get what they want and when they want with highest quality. When he is not busy grappling with the day to day challenges that come with product management, he can be found reading books or biking around the city.



Role Of Product Management In Software Development (2016)

Have you wondered what happens to your code after you commit? Who gets it? How is it marketed? Who defines what new features to bring into the product next? Who defines the long term vision of the Product? This and many others are jobs of the Product Manager. In this talk, we will cover the role of Product Managers, what they do, what kind of expertise are needed to do their job and why it is important for software developers to know it and get involved in it.