Zbigniew Piecuch


I’m a software developer with over 12 years of experience. For the past 7 years, I work with Agile. During that time I’ve got really interested in subjects connected to Agile and teams’ health and performance. I constantly increase my knowledge and understanding level in the subject. I’m an owner of PSM, PSD and AgilePM certificates.

On daily basis, I work as a scrum master in one team and “kanban master” in another team in DisplayLink company.

Time outside of work I devote, in order of appearance, to my family and friends, sport and movies, books and computers.



Boosting knowledge sharing (2018)

In 2013 I have joined DisplayLink company. At that time pace of growth of the company was quite stable. Even then I felt that the information I received after joining were mixed, focused on some parts of the solution and missing other. That did have a negative impact on the performance for quite a significant period of time.

Sometime later situation changed and company started growing fast (this situation holds till now). While new colleagues were hired, I saw the same problems being repeated. At some point, I’ve started doing introduction talks, with newly hired colleagues in Poland office. They turned out to be very well received.

Finally, I was ready to make a presentation about how knowledge should be shared to minimize so-called mean time to productivity. That presentation was done in front of entire company and (surprisingly) it turned out to be successful and well received both by engineering colleagues and management. I don’t know if it was because of that presentation, but the fact is that passing knowledge to new colleagues has changed significantly since then.