Zbigniew Piecuch


Zbigniew Piecuch is a software developer with over 12 years of experience. For the past 7 years, he worked with Agile. During that time he has got really interested in subjects connected to Agile and teams’ health and performance. He constantly increases his knowledge and understanding level in the subject. He is an owner of PSM, PSD and AgilePM certificates.

On a daily basis, he works as a Scrum Master in two teams that don't do Scrum. As strange as it may sound, this provides a lot of challenges and opportunities to learn. Both for him and all the people in those teams.

Time outside of work he devotes, in order of appearance, to his family and friends, sport and movies, books and computers.

LinkedIn: https://pl.linkedin.com/in/zbigniew-p-72886b54.



An Agile (hi)story (2019)

Agile became very popular. Everybody wants to be Agile.

With dozens of methodologies, frameworks and thousands of practices it can be really difficult to make a choice. Even for experts in the field, it can be difficult to follow everything. And is it actually required?

If you are a Scrum Master or an Agile coach and someone comes to you and asks you for one thing you would do to help an organization/team become agile. What would you say? If you are a developer or a tester, what's there for you?

So Agile. It all started in 2001, when...

No, no, no! It did not!

Let me show you. Let me invite you to a time journey that will quickly explain how it all started and what's really important in an Agile world. Don't worry. It's not complex. Prior exposure to Agile is not needed. Just come and listen to the story I have for you.